What we offer

To really create a lasting culture of wellbeing, you need to develop a structure that positively addresses both individual and company needs, at management and grass roots level.

We realise that many companies, although feeling the need to address the 'health and wellbeing' arena at work, are often very restricted in budget and man hours to invest in making some sense of it.

Having been through many of the challenges ourselves, we are here to help, having already done the hard work for you. The best way to approach wellbeing is to focus on what would make your colleagues feel that they have gained something, rather than having had something taken away. The more enriching the process feels, the more accepting people will be of the changes.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are two sides to consider: the company's needs and the individual's needs. Early findings from research currently being carried out by UWE highlights the difference between what managers think they are doing well and what the staff are actually experiencing. Addressing both sides is the most effective way to improve the culture of wellbeing.

Individuals are both concerned about their work life and also how best to cope with the complexity of life in general. This can include anything from managing money, finding purpose and meaning in their work and outside it, having good relationships and having people to trust and discuss things with.

Companies are mainly concerned about how to deal with the ramifications of their staff not performing nor coping well at work. Most companies will call for outside help once a problem already exists. Stress and mental health related issues, such as anxiety and depression, are on the rise and managers rarely feel equipped to spot the signs, nor do they have the skills to deal with them if they do spot them.

These issues are a part of working life, but creating a healthy culture where people can face these problems head on and continue to thrive requires a light, positive and focused intervention. From our experience, such programmes are best delivered in regular, bite-sized chunks, so people can absorb the learning and changes at their own pace. In addition, you are addressing key issues and slowly and successfully building the solutions into the everyday structure of your organisation. We find that our more interactive, relaxed, workshop-style delivery is very effective (which is why we like to call it the Tea Cosy!)

We have created different flexible packages to encourage any business, large or small, to begin to address both sets of needs, individual and company, regardless of their budget.