Workshop Format


Many traditional training methods are outdated, with staff expected to sit for long periods of time in a classroom-style environment. Research shows that 45 minutes is the optimum time for absorbing new information so frequent short bursts of learning are simply more effective and better value for money. 

To help prepare people for optimum engagement in the workshops, we use our Tea Clinic as the perfect ice-breaker. Before each session, everyone can choose a cup of tea to suit their mood before settling. This also helps create a welcoming, friendly and more palatable environment for learning and discussion. If conversations or personal issues need to be followed up after the workshop, it also offers a safe and comforting space to move into.

It is our experience that our Cosy-style workshops provide the perfect opportunity for mindful employers to give their staff time to breathe, re-energise and promote a culture of health and wellbeing in a supportive and fun environment, while at the same time helping people to feel nurtured by their company.

Each 90 minute facilitated Workshop is delivered in-house and is a mixture of discussion, knowledge sharing, learning and activities. We can arrange feedback and surveys to help you really understand the needs of your employees, customers and managers. The format can be tailored in such a way that staff can attend each session, or as a fluid event where people can pop along if they are interested. The maximum number of attendees per workshop is 20. If a completely different format is required or repeating the workshop for different groups of staff is more suited to your way of working, please feel free to discuss this with us.