Tea Cosy

The Nine to Thrive Tea Cosy

We realise that for many companies, although they feel the need to address the 'health and wellbeing' arena at work, they often have very restricted budget and man hours to invest in making some sense of it. The thought of beginning a programme feels overwhelming and never ending (like opening pandora's box!) but we are here to help, having done a lot of the hard work for you. 

The Tea Cosy is a unique, fun and effective way to engage your workforce and tackle the many different, and sometimes challenging, aspects of creating and promoting a healthier environment, as our Workplace Wellbeing Guide lays out for you.

The basis of the Tea Cosy is the regular combining of a 'tea clinic', where staff are introduced and get to sample beneficial teas which have been carefully chosen with the workplace in mind, whilst at the same time listening to inspiring talks, taking part in interesting activities and facilitated themed discussions on chosen wellbeing subjects.

The Tea Cosy can be tailored in a way that staff attend each session or as a fluid event where people can pop along if they are interested. It provides the perfect opportunity for mindful employers to give their staff time to breathe, re-energise, and learn about their health & wellbeing in a supportive and fun environment whilst feeling nurtured by their company. 

The Tea Cosy is a monthly or quarterly feature which lasts an hour and additional experts will attend to address different areas depending on which prove most relevant to your workforce and environment (e.g back care and nutrition, physical health and getting active, leadership and personal development, resilience, the environment and going green). 

To see if this would suit you, we offer a free introductory visit with...

The Tea Cosy Taster

A short inspiring presentation about health and wellbeing including why the Tea Cosy really works, not only to improve a person’s individual wellbeing but why it makes good business sense to create a culture of wellbeing at work.

This is followed by ATTIC introducing their healthy range of teas. Staff get to taste all 5 of their ‘Happy & Healthy at work' range, whilst a facilitated discussion about a ‘what makes us happy’ takes place by a qualified and experienced workplace wellbeing coach. 

This is all wrapped up in 1 hour.  For this initial visit, we can host up to 20 people, so you may want to mix up managers, staff, HR personnel etc. We will obtain feedback, which we will pass on to you.

It will be possible for staff to purchase teas on the day (if they wish) and also we will take this opportunity to chat to you about our other services and ongoing Tea Cosy Programme.